Spain: Parliament Endorses New Program to Address Violence Against Women
Tuesday, August 1, 2017 3:45 PM

After six months of hearings, the Spanish Parliament has endorsed approximately 200 measures to prevent violence against women and provide support for survivors. Before entering into force, the agreement must be approved by parliamentary commissions. The Spanish government plans to invest €1 billion in the five-year program.

Violence against women has been a prominent issue in Spain since the death of Ana Orantes, who was killed by her ex-husband after suing for a divorce and after she had repeatedly reported his violent behavior to the police. At least 31 women have died in Spain as a result of violence against women in 2017 alone.

The proposal includes a series of groundbreaking measures. For example, one measure grants victims of abuse six months of unconditional unemployment benefits to “give them a new start.” It also includes a provision that would prevent “imprisoned abusers from being visited by their children.” In addition, the measures would extend victim status to women who have yet to file criminal complaints so that they may access essential services. Finally, the agreement includes a measure to assist hospital staff in identifying women victims of violence. 

Compiled from: Spanish deal to tackle gender-based violence, BBC News (July 25, 2017).