Tanzania: Serengeti Sees Launch of HIV/AIDS, Gender-Based Violence Campaign
Thursday, May 17, 2012 1:15 PM

“The Serengeti: We Can Live Without HIV/AIDS, Gender-Based Violence, and Female Genital Mutilation” program began in Maburi village on 5 May 2012 amidst performances by traditional dance groups and radio programs. Outgoing-Serengeti District Commissioner, Edward Lenga, worked in conjunction with village elders and the Anglican Church to launch the program, and the Rapid Funding Envelope provided the funding. The year-long program will encompass a broad range of education, including community meetings, road shows, peer educators, radio programs, posters, and booklets.

The program will raise awareness of the link between HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence, community tolerance of marriage between women, and the fight against female genital mutilation. The Serengeti and neighboring Mara districts currently have very high rates of female genital mutilation and the practice has strong support from traditional elders in those locations.

Villages targeted by this program include: Maburi, Mununa, Gusuhi, Hekwe, Mesaga, Kenyamonta, Nyambureti, Majimoto, Ringw-ani, Nyamitita, Masinki, and Kenyana.

Compiled from: Jacob, Mugini, Tanzania: Gender Based Violence Campaign Launched in Serengeti, All Africa (11 May 2012).