Thailand Drafts More Comprehensive Bill on Trafficking
Friday, November 2, 2007 3:58 PM

Following pressure from the United Nations and other international organizations, Thailand has recently drafted a more comprehensive anti-trafficking bill.  The proposed law includes measures to combat trafficking for labor exploitation, as well as protection for male victims -- elements of Thailand’s human trafficking dilemma previously uncovered in current anti-trafficking laws. While Thailand is recognized for providing extensive protection to victims of sexual exploitation, it has been criticized for not complying with the minimum standards of protection for victims outside of this parameter.

When passed, the law will provide greater compensation to all victims of human trafficking, in addition to prosecution of perpetrators committing all forms of these offenses.

In spite of the new law, the head of the Centre for Missing Persons and Anti-trafficking, Eaklak Loomchomkhae, has expressed concern about its implementation, citing the continued operation of human trafficking due to corrupt governmental officials allowing these practices to exist.  He urges the government to address this corruption. 


Compiled from:  New Law on Trafficking, Pennapa Hongthong, The Nation National, 1 October 2007.