The Advocates Completes Its Legal Training Academy on Women's Human Rights

Participants of the Legal Training Academy for Women's Human Rights

The Advocates conducted the third and final training session of the Legal Training Academy for Women’s Human Rights (LTA) in Tbilisi, Georgia with its host partner, Anti-Violence Network of Georgia. The LTA has trained 16 Russian-speaking lawyers from 8 countries in the Former Soviet Union on how to use UN and European mechanisms when all domestic remedies have failed to protect women's human rights. The third session focused on European mechanisms, including the European Court of Human Rights and the Istanbul Convention, as tools, as well as other capacity-building trainings such as messaging, digital security, PR, and pro bono engagement. The training als focused on ratification strategies of the Istanbul Convention, as well as the radical right backlash and how to leverage the knowledge gained from the LTA to address it.