Report on Domestic Violence in Moldova: A Tool for Change


In 2012, The Advocates for Human Rights published a domestic violence monitoring report, "The Implementation of the Republic of Moldova’s Domestic Violence Legislation." The report was based on over 68 interviews with judges, police, prosecutors, government ministry officials, NGOs, shelters, maternal centers, victims, child protection services employees, UN organizations, prison officials, academics, journalists, health care professionals, and lawyers. The report set forth findings and recommendations that has guided advocacy and change in Moldova. The Advocates' partner, Angelina Zaporojan of the Women's Law Center said of the report:

The launch of the findings and recommendations of the report was used as an advocacy tool for action to strengthen the country's response to domestic violence. The report exposed human rights violations, critically examined the progress made, pointed to critical arrears of concern and called the key actors for immediate action and accountability. Besides, the report supports national stakeholders and policymakers in their efforts to combat and prevent domestic violence, by providing them with reliable and comparable data and information for effective, evidence-based decisions and policy improvement. Civil society representatives, media and Government rely on this information for authoritative data and analysis. For the WLC, the report became a flagship publication considered the gold standard in this field, catalyzing change in attitude and readiness to embark on the fight to combat domestic violence and as a result, WLC developed amendments to the national DV legislation in line with experts’ recommendations, international best practice and standards.

- Angelina Zaporojan, Women's Law Center, Moldova