The Advocates Trains Moldovan Legal Professionals

Staff Attorney Beatriz Menanteau training systems actors on domestic violence in Moldova

In December 2012, The Advocates conducted a training for police on best practices in responding to domestic violence cases. In March 2014, The Advocates hosted a group of Moldovans interested in creating the first Batterer Intervention Program in Moldova based on best practices. Just recently in November 2014, The Advocates customized a 3-day training for judges and prosecutors to more effectively implement their domestic violence law. The training focused on barriers to prosecutions and protections for victims we knew were happening based on our report. For example, the training especially focused on giving prosecutors the tools to continue prosecutions even without victim cooperation. After the training, one participant remarked, “I have participated in many trainings. I was impressed by this one. . . . It was a model of training. We want to use it ourselves when we start training. . . . We [have] continued to discuss the issues after the sessions.”