The European Parliament Seeks Strategy to Combat Violence against Women
Friday, April 30, 2010 10:55 AM

The European Parliament held a public hearing with national parliaments and civil society representatives in honor of International Women’s Day. The participants pinpointed the importance of unity across the European Union in tackling the issue of gender-based violence. The hearing outlined some of the measures already implemented by E.U. members and focused on expanding the existing approach.


European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek stressed the importance of public debates and information campaigns on the issue. The discussion integrated a variety of issues from different perspectives—economic, social, and political. Participants further explained that new initiatives must take into consideration the protection of victims, the prosecution of aggressors, and the importance of awareness in an effort to promote change in both attitudes and legislation. 


Compiled from: Combating violence against women: EU-wide strategy needed, Europa (16 March 2010).