The Far-Right's Selective Championing of Women's Rights

Far-right parties in Europe have selectively championed women's rights while maintaining anti-gender rhetoric, traditionalist family policies, and disdain for feminism. Their support focuses on "native" women, portraying immigrants, particularly Muslims, as threats to women's rights, thus pushing for exclusionary policies. This narrative serves to oppose multiculturalism and depict feminism as a completed project. Far-right parties use this stance to rally anti-immigration support while claiming to protect women's rights. However, their approach excludes and marginalizes non-white, non-cis, non-heterosexual women, using feminist rhetoric as a façade to block genuine progress.

Compiled from: Viola Dombrowski, “Far-right feminists? The exploitation of women’s rights and what’s behind it”, FEPS, March 7, 2024.