The General Federation of Women's Clubs in US Dedicates a Special Project to Domestic Violence and Teens
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 2:56 PM

The General Federation of Women's Clubs in the United States has dedicated its 2006-2008 administration to a project entitled "A Million Voices Begin with 10,000 Club Women."  This project has chosen to address teen's relationships to domestic and intimate relationship violence as one of its main focuses through a subproject called "Breaking the Cycle--Domestic Violence and Teens."

"Breaking the Cycle--Domestic Violence and Teens" promotes awareness of the unique challenges teenagers face when they are in abusive homes or relationships. As an estimated 1 in 3 teenagers will deal with some form of abuse in their home or intimate relationship, this project will provide critical information, resources, and awareness raising around the subject.

Compiled from: "Breaking the Cycle--Domestic Violence and Teens," General Federation of Women's Clubs,, 2008.