UNFPA Announces International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation
Friday, February 8, 2008 4:09 PM

On February 6, 2008, the United Nations Population Fund called for an end to female genital mutilation. The practice puts nearly 3 million girls at risk every year, and has impacted an estimated 100-140 million women and girls around the world.

Citing evidence that female genital mutilation poses serious health threats, including increased risk of maternal and infant mortality, increased vulnerability to HIV, as well as psychological, sexual and reproductive heath risks, UNFPA called on governments to protect the rights of women and girls. Governments can develop effective policies, support prevention and educational programs, and contribute to the UNFPA/UNICEF trust fund, which aims to end the practice in 17 high-prevalence countries within one generation.

Compiled from:International Day Against Female Genital Mutilation,” UNFPA, 06 February 2008.