UNHCR Report on Domestic Violence in Foreign Refugee Families in Azerbaijan
Monday, June 18, 2007 11:46 AM

The purpose of this research project was to evaluate the family life of refugees from Chechnya, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iraq who have settled in Azerbaijan. According to the survey, the majority of women reported that attitudes toward them ranged from “good” to “normal.” At the same time, however, the majority of women also experienced psychological, physical and sexual violence. The research indicates that customs and traditions often lead women to believe that certain types of abuse are acceptable.

The researchers recommended workshops for men and women, which would educate them on human rights and the rights of women and children. There is a need for support centers to provide psychological, medical and practical assistance to women.

The report, "Borderless Violence," is available here.

Compiled from: Borderless Violence, UNHCR Clean World Aid to Women Social Union, 2006.