United Nations: Call for Proposals to End Violence Against Women
Thursday, December 9, 2010 3:20 PM

The UN Trust Fund recently kicked off its yearly global call for program proposals that include country-level endeavors to end violence against women and girls. Civil society organizations, governments, and UN Country Teams are invited to submit applications. The trust fund provides grants in the range of a minimum of US$100,000 to a maximum of US$1 million for a duration of two to three years. The deadline for proposal submissions is January 20, 2011.

Specific aims sought by the UN Trust Fund include the enforcement of national laws, the implementation of multi-sectoral action plans, support to data collection systems, the creation of social mobilization and prevention strategies, and addressing sexual violence in conflict situations as part of the Framework for Action created by the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women campaign.

The UN Trust Fund has delivered more than US$60 million to 317 initiatives in 124 countries and territories since it launched operations 1997. The UN Secretary-General has announced a goal of raising at least US$100 million for the UN Trust Fund by 2015, in order to achieve existing commitments to ending violence against women and girls as part of UNiTE campaign benchmarks.

Compiled from: Call for Proposals: UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women, AWID, (7 December 2010).