United States: Minnesota Femicide Report Released for 2010
Thursday, February 10, 2011 2:00 PM

The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women released its annual Femicide Report for 2010. The report outlines homicide statistics over the past 10 years and indicates an increase in femicide from 2009. The report pays particular attention to battered women murdered by intimate partners, which “account for the majority of murders of women in the United States and Minnesota.”

In 2010, at least 15 women were murdered due to familial or domestic violence in cases where the suspected, alleged, or convicted perpetrator was a current or former husband, boyfriend, or intimate partner.

The report also includes statistics on children, family members, friends, and men who were murdered or died from domestic violence.

The method of data collection for the 2010 Femicide Report relies on news accounts. The Minnesota Coalition for Battered women notes that “no state or federal agency collects comprehensive data on domestic homicides” and that femicides “may be underreported in our listing as they frequently go unreported in mainstream media.”

Compiled from: Women’s United Nations Report Network, Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women 2010 Annual Femicide Report, (February 10, 2011).