United States: President Obama Proposes $400 Million to Combat Violence Against Women
Thursday, March 13, 2014 11:35 AM

President Barrack Obama's new budget proposal would authorize $400 million for programs that fight violence against women in the United States. The budget would provide $35 million for testing and preserving thousands of rape kits that have been ignored due to budget and other constraints, as well as increased support for rape victims. Although nearly 20% of women have reported a rape or an attempted rape in the U.S., the crime is still under-reported and only 3% of rapists have been sent to prison.

Additionally, another $140 would be earmarked for domestic violence support services such as shelters and the national domestic violence hotline, which has recieved over one million calls from victims since it was establshed. Another $42 million would be allocated for legal serivces programs that support women victims of violence. Vice President Joe Biden, in supporting the President's budget, stated that violence against women was a serious problem that "we know cannot wait." The U.S. Congress will consider a budget later this year, and can accept or reject the President's proposal.

Compiled from: Rhodan, Maya, Obama Eyes Funding to Combat Violence Against Women, Time (March 5, 2014).