USAID Releases Report on Demand for Human Trafficking
Thursday, October 13, 2011 11:25 AM

In August of 2011, the USAID office issued a report addressing how to reduce the demand for human trafficking: Tackling the Demand that Fosters Human Trafficking. The report was commissioned in order to raise awareness of good practices. In it, USAID provides practical ideas and tools for combating demand. In order to thoroughly understand and address demand, the report divides services of trafficked individuals into four categories:

  1. Individuals using trafficked persons for prostitution;
  2. Individuals and businesses employing or using trafficked persons for labor;
  3. Business supply-chains that include labor from trafficked persons; and
  4. Consumer-goods which are made using labor of trafficked persons.

In addressing these four intertwined areas, the report acknowledges reasons why human trafficking is on the rise in certain areas. Demand is especially excessive in the following conditions:

  • Illegality of trafficking, but with poor regulation;
  • Low profits and low wages;
  • Low status of unskilled workers; and
  • Temporary/seasonal employment.


Compiled from: USAID Report – Tackling the Demand that Fosters Human Trafficking (August 2011), European Women’s Lobby (7 October 2011).