USA: Survey Results of VAW in LGBTQ Communities
Wednesday, September 13, 2023 12:35 PM

The National LGBTQ Task Force has released results from a two-year-long survey of some 8,000 women who partner with women in the USA, regarding their experiences with violence, discrimination, harassment and intimate partner violence.  The findings indicate high levels of violence in multiple areas of respondents' lives, and that the survivors rely on friends -- more than on insitutions like law enforcement, educational systems and religious organizations -- for support.  Only about 20% of victims even turned to institutions for help and support.  Detailed information also profiled various kinds of perpetrators, with cisgender, heterosexual men using particularly lethal forms of violence.  Respondents also provided hopeful information about their resilience.

Compiled from: Bec Roldan, "Many LGBTQ+ women face discrimination and violence, but find support in friendships", NPR, July 1, 2023