Violent "Witch Hunts" Still Occur
Monday, June 2, 2008 9:28 AM

The Feminist Daily News Wire is reporting a recent increase in news stories about mob violence directed at women accused of witchcraft. Citing stories of accused witches being beaten and burned alive, originally reported by Reuters-India, CNN, and the BBC, the Feminist Daily News Wire noted that "witch hunts" are not merely a historical matter. Women continue to be subjected to them, particularly in Asia and Africa.

Compiled from: "Modern 'Witch Hunts' Killing Women," Feminist Daily News Wire, Feminist Majority Foundation, 30 May 2008; "Villagers burn woman accused of being witch," Reuters-India, 30 May 2008; Tess Eastman, "Indian 'witch' tied to tree, beaten by mob," CNN, 31 March 2008; "Kenya 'witch' case mass arrests," BBC News, 29 May 2008.