Western Balkans: The Ongoing Phenomenon of Anti-Gender Politics

"Anti-gender" politics in Serbia, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of the most influential political opinions that continues to mobilize citizens around various issues, including human rights and the notion of the “traditional” family. "Anti-gender" organizations are often well-resourced and integrated with civil society. They advocate for policies that transfer social welfare responsibilities from the state to the family, disproportionately burdening women. Despite framing their stance as a fight for freedom of expression and against neoliberalism, their approach often strengthens conservative social policies. The ongoing UK case of Kristie Higgs, who was fired for her views on sexual education, further underscores the tension between freedom of speech and hate speech in Europe, highlighting the need for dialogue over punitive measures.

Compiled from: Slobodanka Dekic, "Look on the Right: 'Anti-Gender' Politics and Human Rights Issue in the Western Balkans", Media Diversity Institute, March 7, 2024.