WHO Report Offers Intervention Strategies for Combating Gender-Based Violence
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 1:50 PM

4 November 2009

The World Health Organization published Promoting Gender Equality to Prevent Violence Against Women as part of Violence Prevention: The Evidence, a series of briefings discussing effective intervention mechanisms for reducing interpersonal and self-directed acts of violence.

Promoting Gender Equality to Prevent Violence Against Women provides program directors and advocates with strategies for combating gender inequality through school, community, and media interventions. The briefing provides examples of school and community initiatives that have worked to improve gender norms and attitudes in a variety of countries. The briefing also offers suggestions for creating successful public awareness campaigns, and emphasizes the importance of including both males and females in efforts to empower women and reduce gender-based conflict.

Other briefings in the series address access to lethal means, parent-child relationships, life skills development, substance abuse, cultural norms that perpetuate violence, and victim support strategies.

Compiled from: "Promoting Gender Equality to Prevent Violence Against Women," Violence Prevention: The Evidence, World Health Organization (2009).