Australia: New Resource Sheds Light on Extent of Violence Against Women in Australia
Friday, November 6, 2015 6:00 PM

The Australian National Research Organization for Women’s Safety (ANROWS) has released a new report and database on violence against women and domestic violence in Australia. The report analyzes, updates and organizes the data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for the comprehensive 2012 Personal Safety Survey (PSS).

According to ANROWS, “[t]he PSS is currently a largely untapped resource - even the publicly available PSS data has yet to be fully explored and applied to the most obviously relevant research and policy contexts. The analysis completed in this project provides several hundred new statistical items related to violence against women.”

Compiled from: Violence against women in Australia: Additional analysis of the Australian Bureau of Statistics' Personal Safety Survey, 2012, ANROWS (October 22, 2015).