India: Saudi Diplomat Accused of Rape and Imprisonment of Nepali Domestic Workers
Friday, September 18, 2015 9:10 AM

Two women from Nepal have alleged that they were imprisoned by a Saudi Arabian diplomat in New Dehli, India, and repeatedly raped by the family and guests. The Saudi Embassy denies the claims. However, a medical examination confirmed the women’s allegations of rape. Maiti India, a local human trafficking aid group, went to the police after a third woman described harsh treatment by the same diplomat and his family. All three women were domestic workers. According to the New York Times, the women's experience illustrates the “problems that India’s police have had in dealing with rape, and the mistreatment of domestic workers in many parts of Asia and the Middle East.” 

Compiled from: Saudi Diplomat in India Is Accused of Rape, The New York Times (September 9, 2015).