Serbia: Human Trafficking is a Serious and Growing Problem
Thursday, November 6, 2014 10:20 AM

Serbia registered more than 700 cases of human trafficking between 2000 and 2013, according to the Serbian non-governmental organization, Centre for Girls (“Centre”). The Centre called these numbers a  “serious warning” that should prompt greater action to fight trafficking by Serbian authorities and other organizations.

The Serbian criminal code does prohibit human trafficking. Serbian police say many of the victims they encounter have been subject to trafficking for sexual exploitation, begging, and forced labor. However, the country has not adopted a draft anti-trafficking strategy for 2013-2018, or related action plan for 2014-2015. Additionally, the European Commission’s 2014 Progress Report for Serbia recommended the country establish “a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and victim-oriented approach” to trafficking, in cooperation with local NGOs. Overall, the Commission recommended that Serbia allocate adequate resources to strengthen its capacity to combat human trafficking and to identify and support victims. 

Compiled from: Serbia: 793 registered cases of human trafficking from 2000 until 2013, InSerbia News (October 28, 2014); Serbia: 2014 Progress Report, Commission Staff Working Document, European Commission (October 8, 2014).