Tunisia: Women Testify About Police Brutality and Violence During Military Rule
Wednesday, June 3, 2015 3:20 PM

Defying cultural norms and social stigma, women in Tunisia are now filing complaints with Tunisia’s Truth and Dignity Commission about years of brutal police violence, rape, and torture. During six decades of military rule, the Tunisian police abused many women so badly they suffered miscarriages, lasting internal injuries, or long-term psychological scarring. Police typically targeted women activists or women married to members of the opposition. Before the establishment of the new Commission, many women were reluctant to speak up about their experiences in police custody due to fear of retaliation, shame, or lack of proof. 


Compiled from: Gall, Carlotta, Women in Tunisia Tell of Decades of Police Cruelty, Violence and Rape, The New York Times (May 28, 2015).