United Nations: Secretary General Says Women Should Not Fear Violence and Harassment in Public Spaces
Wednesday, October 7, 2015 9:00 AM

On World Habitat Day, the U.N. Secretary General said governments must combat street harassment and violence against women in public spaces. A representative for UN Women added, “violence against women and girls, especially sexual harassment and other forms of sexual violence, in public spaces remains a largely neglected issue, with few laws or policies in place to prevent and address it.” Women are far more likely than men to experience sexual violence and harassment in public, particularly in cities. According to the UN, addressing street harassment and public violence against women will enhance women’s equality by improving access to education and other essential services, as well as by reducing threats to women’s physical and mental health.

Compiled from: Yakupitiyage, Tharanga, U.N. Highlights Importance of Public Spaces, Safety for Women, InterPress Service (October 6, 2015).