United States: Extensive Survey of College Campuses Finds High Rate of Sexual Assault
Friday, September 25, 2015 2:10 PM

More than 20% of women at U.S. colleges and universities report experiencing “non-consensual sexual contact,” according to one of the largest studies of campus sexual assault ever performed in the United States. Additionally, eleven percent of college women surveyed said they were victims of rape or attempted rape. Only 28% of sexually violent incidents on college campuses were reported to the police or other officials, because many college women believed they would receive no help or that their cases were not “serious enough.” However, of the few women who did report a campus sexual assault, many said the agencies or officials involved were helpful. 

Compiled from: Anderson, Nick and Susan Svrluga, What a massive sexual assault survey found at 27 top U.S. universities, The Washington Post (September 21, 2015); 1 in 4 Women Experience Sexual Assault on Campus