European Parliament Report on Human Trafficking
Friday, November 17, 2006 1:14 PM

A report from the European Parliament published in October, 2006 discusses the problem of and possible solutions for human trafficking in the European community. Studies have found that there is a significant amount of trafficking occurring in the EU. Estimates are anywhere from 600,000 people in a U.S .report to 1 million people in a U.N. report.

Because this is such a widespread problem, in this report the EU highlighted some of the problems and offered potential solutions. The report calls for States to set up programs and resources to help victims of human trafficking and to create specific legislation that outlaws trafficking. 

To see the entire report, please click here.

Compiled from: Report with a proposal for a European Parliament recommendation to the Council on fighting trafficking in human beings - an integrated approach and proposals for an action plan, European Parliament, 18 October 2006, accessed 17 November 2006.