European Institute for Gender Equality Provides New Databases for Domestic Violence Resources
Thursday, May 30, 2013 10:20 AM

The European Institute for Gender Equality’s (EIGE) Resource and Documentation Centre (which will officially launch in the EU on October 1, 2013) has made three new domestic violence databases available on its website. The new databases consist of resources on domestic violence, methods and tools for domestic violence prevention and protection, and good practices regarding prevention and protection from domestic violence. The resources within these databases include legal instruments, datasets, action plans, reports, information brochures, handbooks, self-regulating tools, training modules, and more for a variety of European countries, as well as for the Council of Europe and the United Nations.
The databases aim to increase gender training in order to better detect and implement policies concerning gender related issues, to generate awareness-raising campaigns focused on prevention of domestic violence, and to highlight support services available to women.
Compiled from: "Databases: EIGE: domestic violence," European Women's Lobby (24 May, 2013); European Institute for Gender Equality.