New Report: Domestic Violence Homicide in Minnesota
Wednesday, October 2, 2019 4:35 PM

Two new reports issued by the organization Violence Free Minnesota found that domestic violence caused the death of at least 685 people in Minnesota over the past 30 years. The two reports document annual domestic violence homicides, provide an in-depth thirty-year retrospective on these deaths, and offer insight into the causes and consequences of domestic violence homicide through an analysis of individual cases. This includes the identification of four specific “lethality factors” that were present before most of the people were killed. The reports were released on October 1 to coincide with Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The authors of the reports make several recommendations to policy-makers on how to reduce and prevent domestic violence throughout the state and how to fill gaps in data and knowledge on domestic violence homicides, including those involving Native American women and girls. 

Violence Free Minnesota is a coalition of programs working to address domestic violence across the state of Minnesota. The Advocates for Human Rights is a member of the coalition. To access both reports, please visit the website of Violence Free Minnesota.

Compiled from: Violence Free Minnesota Issues 30 Year Report on Domestic Violence Homicide, Violence Free Minnesota Press Release (October 1, 2019).