Pakistan: Man Who Killed His Sister for “Honor” Will Face Prosecution by the State
Thursday, July 28, 2016 9:40 AM

In July, a prominent young Pakistani social media star was murdered by her brother, who openly described drugging and strangling his sister to defend the “honor” of his family. Prosecutors have charged the brother with committing a crime against the state under Section 311 of Pakistan’s Penal Code. This means that the man cannot escape punishment if the woman’s family forgives him or accepts compensation. Pakistan approved this provision in 2004 to specifically target “heinous” crimes such as “murder committed in the name of honor.” However, the provision is rarely used against perpetrators and honor killings remain common in Pakistan, with more than 212 women murdered for “honor” in early 2016 alone.

Compiled from: Perry, Juliet, and Sophia Saifi, Brother of Pakistan’s Qandeel Baloch Charged with Crime against State, CNN (July 19, 2016); Zraick, Karen In Death, Qandeel Baloch, Pakistani Social Media Star, Is Celebrated as a Feminist Hero, The New York Times (July 19, 2016).